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Father Vincenzo Guttadaura has been parish priest at the Church of Saint Jerome since 1992. He has always carried out his activities absorbingly. Thanks to his work the Church of Saint Jerome has preserved its former Franciscan character, and has become a fundamental element for the whole town of Volterra.

Today the good condition of the building and the wide range of social and religious activities have been acknowledged to be remarkable, both in Volterra and in the neighboring area. The Parish and the Diocese steadily cooperate with: the local Prison, Hospital and Authorities, with the Public Health Service of Volterra, Pontedera and Pistoia, and with other associations and cooperatives. Among them, the non-profit institution “Segni dei Tempi” has contributed to coordinating receiving activities.

Beside social and religious activities, the value of the Church of San Girolamo is constituted by its considerable artistic and architectonic heritage: the late Middle Age architecture of the building, paintings by important Sienese and Florentine artists, marvelous Renaissance sculptures by Giovanni della Robbia. Today this whole heritage can be visited. Maintenance works are needed in order to avoid further deterioration.

The aim of this website is to let these moral and artistic resources be made known and shared by whoever may be interested.

Father Vincenzo and the whole Community of Saint Jerome exhort to participation in their mission, in order to do good for the needy, both through volunteerism and spontaneous donations.

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Learn more – books:

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  • Battistini Mario, La Chiesa ed il Convento di San Girolamo, Studi Francescani,3,II,(27),4, 1930.